Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Understanding the Benefits of Fireplaces

When shopping for fireplaces, it becomes simple to see that there is a wide variety of options. Homeowners can choose from traditional wood burning ones as well as electric ones; these are just a couple of the available options. No matter the type of fireplace that a homeowner chooses to install, there are numerous benefits gained from this type of home accessory. Option to Install Throughout the House When a hearth is taken care of, it can act as the focal point of a room. With such a variety of styles and features, fireplaces can be installed into any room. Some of the most common places to install a hearth include in bedrooms, living rooms, formal dining rooms and formal living rooms. No matter the room a hearth is installed in, it is sure to add warmth and comfort. Also, the color that a hearth brings to a room can bring character to a room like no other accessory. To add further character, the hearth itself can be accessorized with antique tools. Adding Value to the Home and Family The value of a home can extremely benefit from the installation of a fireplace. In addition, the family as a whole can benefit because of the everlasting memories made around a hearth. Many times, a hearth makes for a great entertainment accessory because it can be used to roast marshmallows. Furthermore, stories can be told around the hearth, allowing families to bond in a very special way. With a hearth, families can come together like they have always hoped for. Taking Care Means Longer Functionality After a fireplace has been installed, it is extremely important that it be taken care. The better it is taken care of, the longer it will last. Also, the better it is taken care of, the more value it will add to a home. Some people steer clear of adding a hearth to their homes because they believe the associated installation expenses to be outrageously expensive; however, it is important to note that the value of the fireplace can double once it has been installed. When installing a hearth, it is extremely important to also install hearth rugs and screens so that they area in front of the hearth is protected. Lowering Energy and Heating Expenses Another great benefit accompanied with installing a hearth is that it can help lower energy bills. Traditional fire places require no energy source; thus, enabling a homeowner to heat his or her home for only the cost of the wood that is burned. When a gas or electric fireplace is installed, the home's furnace can be lowered, helping to reduce energy expenses. The Many Reasons to Install a Fireplace Lastly, installing fireplaces helps to heat rooms more evenly and efficiently. With all the benefits associated with installing hearths, it only makes sense that all homeowners should carefully consider installing them in their homes. From lasting memories to added home value to staying warm on a cold night, installing fireplaces has endless benefits. Fergus Fireplace located at 180 St. Andrew St W in Fergus On is the areas #1 retailer of fireplaces in Kitchener-Waterloo. Visit us today at to learn more. Article Source: Article Source:

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