Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tips On How To Clear Clogged Drains & Preventing Clogging In The First Place

Plumbing can seem daunting at times but there are small jobs such as clearing clogged drains that you can do yourself and save money in the process. If you want to spend $60 an hour to hire a plumber to fix your clogged drains, then go ahead. However I'm going to give you the tips to clear your drains yourself, and prevent clogging in the first place. Simple tools such as a plunger are something that every home owner should have. Plungers can clean all types of clogged drains from toilets, sinks and even bathtubs. It's important to use a rubber plunger that is more flexible, instead of plastic plunger that won't be able to give as much force to clean your drains properly. For a sink that is draining slowly you can use hot water to try and flush out whatever is clogging the drain. If that doesn't seem to work you can buy a drain cleaner and that will clean out your sink or tub. If a plunger doesn't seem to do the job, then something called a snake is your next tool to fight your clogged drain. A snake can be rented at Home Depot or any local tool rental shop for under $35. Make sure to get detailed instructions from the rental facility on how to use the snake properly. If you don't know what you are doing you can seriously harm yourself or break your wrist. Snakes can clear anything that is in your drain from tree roots to feminine products and more. One thing to realize if that you use too much force on your drain, you can and will damage them permanently, so be careful. How To Prevent Your Drains From Getting Clogged In The First Place Now that you know the plumbing tools to clean your clogged drains you should also be aware of how to prevent your drains from becoming clogged. First off coffee is the choice for many people in the morning and many people tend to think it's ok to dump those used coffee grinds down the sink. Dumping coffee grinds down the kitchen sink will lead to your drains becoming clogged, so don't do it. Throw all your coffee grinds in the garbage or even better you can sprinkle them over your rose bushes for great fertilization. Also grease is another no no. Do not dump grease and cooking oil down the sink, they will clog your kitchen sink pipes over time. Grease in your sinks pipe will build up and cause clogged drains. In the bathroom you should never throw your hair down the sink or in the bathtub or shower drain. Once again over time your bathrooms pipes will drain slower and slower, until eventually they will not work any longer. Have some type of mesh cover over your bath and shower drain to catch all the hair before it goes down the pipe, this will prevent you having to rent a snake to clear your drains of hair. Overall it's better to prevent the problem even before it starts, but if it does happen just follow the tips above to cleaning your drains and getting the water flowing once again in your pipes. Article Source:

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